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What Vulcano has to offer

Safe Digital Platform

Vulcano will become a save digital platform where you can save and stake your coins. You still get high stakings when staking Vulcano. We offer a PoS of 950% per year!

Staking account

You can save your coins in different personalizing coin deposits. You can have as many coin deposits as you want, but all deposits will be coupled to one head account. Each new coin deposit is a savings account where you'll get your interest rate on.

Online support and advice service

On the Vulcano platform we'll also have a online suport team. Here you can ask all of your questions regarding ussage of the platform. We also will get a advice place where you can get free advice about how to stake and how to grow your profits.

About Vulcano

About Vulcano

To stake, to earn the world trip you desire for years or when you want to make your assets grow bigger. Vulcano is a high staking coin with a very low initial supply.

What we want to reach with Vulcano

With Vulcano coin we want to build a save digital environment. Where you, as an altcoin holder, can stake and save your assets while we will guarantee a fair interest rate. When you start with Vulcano coin today, you're guaranteed big staking interest. Also you can trade them at any time. Down below you'll find the specs. For getting valuable insights about flexibility trading on bitcoins, you can check out https://coincierge.de/trading-robots/.

Proof of Stake 950% Pow blocks 100k Maturity 5 blocks Target spacing 1 min Target timespan 1 block Confirmations 4 blocks

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